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Let me mention right from the start, there are other ways to accomplish CSS optimization, this article talks about just a few of those, and what works for us, may not for you. Let's begin with a question. What is CSS? CSS is an acronym for Cascading Style Sheets. Got it? No? I thought not! Okay, so CSS is the code that controls the styling of your website, your website will operate without it, but it will look terrible, your visitors will be running away quick smartish.
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Let's begin by understanding what 'Title Tags' are. In a simple way a website is just like a regular book, the website as a whole is the actual book, each menu item from the website is a chapter of that book, and each item from that menu is just like an individual page from the book. And, just as book pages usually have page numbers, so must your website, however unlike a book we don't give them a number, we give them a name, or to be more precise a 'Title'. Just like a book where every page has a…
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Why are ALT tags Important? If you are anything like us, i.e. a little lazy, bordering on serial procrastinators, little things like 'ALT Tags' always seem low down on the list of importance. But wait! Don't let them be. They are, in fact extremely important little devils and you would be foolish to overlook them. So, let's begin by understanding what they are, before we talk about why they are important.
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Just imagine the situation. You have made the final payment to the website developer on that brand new sparkly website for your business and everything looks wonderful and works brilliantly. It has been online for a month and now you have decided to have a promotion and offer your best selling sparkly wotsits with a 50% discount.
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