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Brendan - How to speed up your Joomla website

How to speed up your Joomla website

Website loading times are important for Google as well as your visitors, find out how to speed things up in this tutorial from

Making your website load quickly in your visitors browser is a huge deal these days, as a website owner you need to do everything you can to achieve this. One of the fastest ways to make a difference is to enable the 'GZIP' compression that Joomla comes with.

Let's get it on and make your Joomla Lightning Fast.

  • Click on 'System > Global Configuration'
  • Click on the 'Server' tab
  • The second setting should be 'Gzip Page Compression', click on 'Yes' to enable it
  • Click on 'Save & Close'

That's all there is to it, refresh your home page a couple of times and see the difference!


How to speed up your Joomla image


How to speed up your Joomla image

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