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Brendan - Joomla 101 | How to remove 'Welcome to the FrontPage!' from Joomla

How to remove 'Welcome to the FrontPage!' from Joomla

One of the annoying things about Joomla for a novice is trying to find out how to remove or change the default page title of your Joomla home page. It's an easy quick fix, read on to find out how.

Follow the steps below to change your Joomla Page Titles:

From your Admin Control Panel

  • Navigate to - Menus > Main Menu.
  • Click on and open 'Home' (or whatever your MAIN Home Page is called).
  • Choose 'Page Display' from the available tabs.
  • In the box labelled 'Browser Page Title' delete 'Welcome to the FrontPage!'
  • Write your own Page Title (If you leave this blank the title of your menu item will be displayed as default)
  • Click on 'Save & Close'
  • Reload the home page in the browser and check your work.

That's all there is to it.

*** TOP TIP *** Use focus KEYWORDS in your page titles to improve SEO! In our example we used, 'UJoomla - the best place to find all things Joomla on the internet.'


How to change Joomla page titles


How to change Joomla page titles


How to change Joomla page titles


How to change Joomla page titles

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