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Brendan - Joomla 101 | How to properly delete an article in Joomla

How to properly delete an article in Joomla

To fully delete an article created in Joomla, there is a two step process. This causes problems for many novice users of Joomla because they just don't realize that the article they thought had been deleted, actually wasn't. The deletion process is very similar to the way you would delete an email in Yahoo or Gmail.

Firstly you select the article you want to delete, then click on the 'Trash' button. If asked to confirm, click yes or OK.

The article is then placed in the trash, but NOT deleted.

The second stage is to select the article you just placed in the trash and click on the 'Empty Trash' button, again if asked to confirm, click OK or yes. 

The following images show you the process.


How to fully delete an article in Joomla part 1


How to fully delete an article in Joomla part 2

Be advised, after you have emptied the trash, you will NOT be able to retrieve the article in the future, it is gone for ever.

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